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Backed by research and comprehensive strategy, our services aim to put you in a position to succeed.

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We respect you and our mission is to foster an advisory relationship with you based on mutual trust and transparency.

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Let's work together to position you to confidently and successfully invest, so you can become financially independent.


Partners in your financial journey

The changing seasons of life. Obstacles both foretold and unexpected. Adventures that press your courage and present opportunity to triumph. As your future unfolds and the pages of your epic fill with experiences, how you have prepared yourself to meet these financial challenges will determine where your story leads. Let us serve as your independent guide and confidant to help you along the way.


to earn your trust

Odyssey Capital Advisors is an independent investment advisory firm that provides fee-based investment management and financial planning advice. Institutions, Corporate Executives and Small Business Owners across the country partner with us on their financial journeys. Our mission is to develop and grow a lifelong advisory relationship with you. The foundation of that relationship is trust.


Focused on your life

Earning your trust means everything to us. We value people, not transactions. Because the financial decisions you make will have a wide-ranging impact on the quality of your life, it is vital that you have confidence in your advisory team. To this end we pledge to conduct ourselves in a manner consistent with the highest standards of integrity, honesty and transparency.



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Seeking professional advice shows that you are ready to make a significant investment in your financial future. We encourage you to take the time to explore your options and choose an advisory team that is right for you.

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