Meet Your Ensemble Team

Odyssey Capital Advisors is an Ensemble Firm. This means that we take a team approach to providing you with financial advice. Every professional on our team brings a unique area of focus to our advisory relationship with you. Working within an Ensemble Firm fosters an atmosphere of openness, collaboration and idea exchange, offering you robust investment perspectives and specialized advice.

Jason Snipe


While Jason’s intellectual enthusiasm for finance—stocks, bonds, the intricacies of how a dollar grows—is an asset to his clients, his true passion lies with people. Beyond mere money management, Jason sees his calling in working with clients to understand what is most important to them, then motivating them to take meaningful steps to get from point A to point B. 

Lamont A. Brown ChFC®


Lamont is a big believer in helping clients understand “the why.” Much more than simple data gathering sessions, client meetings are an opportunity for Lamont to share experiences with clients and ask open-ended questions that encourage introspection. As a financial planner and strategist, his job is then to figure out “the how.”

Roxane Ureña

Chief Administrative Officer and Compliance Officer

Roxane Ureña is the Chief Administrative Officer and Compliance Officer at Odyssey Capital Advisors.  She joined Odyssey Capital in March 2020 after serving as a Compliance Officer in Research and Trading for Susquehanna International Group in Bala Cynwyd, PA.

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