Our Values

We respect you and aim to foster an advisory relationship with you based on mutual trust and transparency.

Trust through Transparency

Everything we do at Odyssey Capital Advisors aims to foster an advisory relationship with you based on a high level of mutual trust and respect. Our professionals earn your trust by delivering prudent financial advice through a process that is completely open and transparent. We want you to ask us any and every question you have on your mind, and we pledge to provide honest, straightforward answers.

Independence through Open Architecture

As an independent investment advisory firm, we collaborate with strategic partners to manage your money in-house and conduct our own investment research. We are not beholden to any particular vendor or product line, so our only obligation is to serve your interests in mind. This freedom enables us to identify your financial needs and execute sophisticated financial solutions to meet those needs.

Comprehensive Advice through Collaboration

We operate as an Ensemble Firm. As our client, you have access to our entire team of financial professionals, each of whom brings a different area of specialization to our advisory relationship with you. We also engage with other members of your advisory team, such as your family attorney or CPA, in order to bring you the most comprehensive financial solutions available.

Confidence through Education

We believe that informed investors are confident investors. We have a combined 40 years of experience in the industry and want you to feel comfortable talking to us about concepts you do not understand. Many of our clients are first generation wealth builders who are tackling the complications inherent to financial success for the first time. Providing you with a financial education is central to a service philosophy that values people, not transactions.

Start your financial journey

Seeking professional advice shows that you are ready to make a significant investment in your financial future. We encourage you to take the time to explore your options and choose an advisory team that is right for you.

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